Of Lazy Days and PJ’s

There are lazy days that dreams are made of. And then there are lazy days with the kids.These days go by the name of ‘DPD’ days at ours. They spell out to:

D = Dirty (a contribution by an over enthusiastic six-year-old)

P = Pyjamas

D = Days

Don’t get me wrong here, we’re not dragging the dirtiest pyjamas out of the washing basket and neither am I in any way trying to advocate or motivate you to follow suit. But mothers all across the globe might agree that there never really is an item of clothing which remains perfectly clean and pristine again. However, the act of rummaging through the laundry basket may pique the boundless curiosity of my youngest!

It suffices to say that the name was a resounding success and received a standing ovation from all involved in the naming committee (an eleven-year-old in love with unicorns, an over-inquisitive and endlessly curious six-year-old and his ardent fan and follower his two-year-old ‘baby’ brother).

In my eleven years into being, embracing, living and breathing life as a Mom I have learnt that you learn something new every day whilst roller coasting (if that be an actual word) through this incredible journey of motherhood. By the wildest stretch of my imagination I had never for a second paused to think that terms like ‘poop’ and every other ‘bodily function’ would become such burning issues which lead to intense discussions and re-discussions!

I have also realized much to my amusement and possibly to the cringing of others that when our heated discussions on these topics become somewhat placid the mantle is picked up with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm by the kids who suddenly find toilet humor and poop jokes intensely hilarious and worthy of being constantly repeated at the most inopportune moments (think meal times and public gatherings!).

Our DPD days are when rules are made redundant (some of them). And the healthy apples, carrots and cucumbers are given the option to voluntarily retire for the day whilst their somewhat ‘not so extremely healthy’ cousins come out to play. You say chores? We say, ‘what are those’? The crazy Mom hat is donned, and pyjamas are the dress code for the day. And the breakneck speed at which fashion changes, who can say what classifies as proper clothes anyways. Lounging in pyjamas, belting out loud music, doing the crazy family dance and yes lots of popcorn, pizzas and maybe one (or two!) ice-cream sundaes thrown in to the mix.

It is a day of doubling over while hysterically laughing to the silliest jokes to mimicking your favorite TV show host! Having lived and survived many a DPD days I can safely say that it makes for lots of priceless moments, perfect memories, beautiful pictures, abounding emotions and lots and lots of laughter, hugs and cuddles…oh yes, lest I forget, dollops of fun and sides that hurt from all the laughing and rolling about! Have your very own DPD days? I’d love to hear them! So bring the stories on.


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