Sorry, Not Sorry Anymore!

Carrying a toddler in one arm and steering a pushchair with groceries piled high on it with the other, I could swear the maneuvering task was getting trickier by the minute. When suddenly, a man walked out right in front.Nearly tripping over myself I mouthed the word ‘Sorry’, apologizing immediately and almost on reflex for … Continue reading Sorry, Not Sorry Anymore!

I am ‘Introspective’…please do not call me ‘Shy’!

As the shrouds of mist lift from time to time they often part to reveal a vivid scene that springs forth with utmost clarity as if it always waits in the wings ready to pounce forward on cue - My small hands tightly holding on to my mother's as we stand at the door to … Continue reading I am ‘Introspective’…please do not call me ‘Shy’!